Daisy’s a gypsy style babe with fairly wild dispositions. She has a sculptural body with big firm boobs adorned by large lusty nipples and her lush body is decorated in many places by a wide array of pretty unusual tattoos. Clad in clinging pink satin, she starts by telling her boyfriend that as a Valentine she’s going to make him a pretty hot video so he’ll always be able to enjoy her charms even when she’s not there. As soon said as done, she starts slipping slowly out of her flimsy teddy first revealing that her nice big knockers also have little tattoos to decorate them.  As she sways and turn in front of the camera, lowering her teddy down to her thighs our roaming eyes get kind of fascinated by the amazing number of tattoos everywhere on her silky skin

Then she decides to get serious, turns around, bends over and parts her ass to display a lickable butt hole and a naughtily pierced clit hood. Sitting on the bed with a slutty look on her face Daisy says that now she’s going to concentrate on her pussy and give herself a big orgasm because she wants to make him super horny. So, she starts by slowly running her fingers along her pussy lips and playing with the silver piercing on her hooded clit. As her excitement mounts, she parts the lips with the tip of a finger and, thanks to a well-framed close-up, we can see the pussy juice ooze out of her fuck hole.


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Right then, she rolls over fully on her back opens her legs to the widest and really starts frigging her sweet honey pot like crazy while muttering dirty words. It’s quite mind blowing to see that tattooed hand rubbing her whole crotch in a frenzy and then inserting fingers in her hole to intensely hand-fuck herself. With her thighs high in the air and maximally spread, she gives the camera an absolutely breathtaking view of her drenched pussy and twitching asshole. Then, as she keeps yelping still more dirty words, we see her cunt explode in a quaking orgasm.